by Paul Henry Smith

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released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Paul Henry Smith Falkirk, UK

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Track Name: April

I was born in Falkirk a mid sized town
there were hills and trees all around
grew up in a little estate that had a park
climbing frame with tarmac for a mat
I would ride my BMX on the main road
to a place called Culross on the other side of the forth

I would laugh as the cars rushed passed
Grant was a cheeky lad that would flick the bird
we moved away never saw them again
I didn't realise losing touch was a growing pain
I went to school in a shirt and tie
full of attitude an occasional sigh

I puffed out my chest stood on my tip toes
I was scared didn't want anyone to know
I was bad with the girls didn't have the knack
I always stuttered when I tried to chat
there was this band at school that cut a tape
I thought they were cool but I didn't want to say

so I put on a checked shirt and grabbed some coins
went to place they called the happening club
but by the time I knew about it; it was about it shut
I started drinking late for a teenage scot
I was eighteen or nineteen or something like that
we'd go out every Thursday night
much to the detriment of our school life.

I went to college cos I was lost
pushed out of school and the gates were locked
I took up computing cos that was that
learned about email and basic coding
me and my friend would take our bursary
go to the pub and spend it by Tuesday

I would start a band with the guys that would have me
but we never fitted into any music scene
it was a laugh while we had our only dream
I remember my addiction to Calders cream
if it wasn't for those guys...
I'd have no idea what I'd have done with my life

so I fell in love with a beautiful girl
we'd buy a house and build our little world
with our baby boy and all the ups and downs
but I still worry
and I still frown
its just different things that confuse me now.
Track Name: I Had To Turn It Around
I Had To Turn It Around

I was a Sunday I was hardly dressed
I was a super hero lost my damsel in distress
I enjoyed; flying into buildings
I was; annoying all the civilians

I was a piano I was out of tune
gathering letters in the corner of a room
Valentines left unopened
and a leaflet about coping

I had to turn it around
I'm looking after you now

I was a nineteen 80's retro hair style
My 90's swagger would carry me for miles
I kept my feet moving well
but I was caught before I fell

I'm here, I'm there
unshaven mess of a man.
Track Name: Bluelights
Blue lights

Hey Mr Ambulance driver put the blue lights off
I ain't in a hurry to go anywhere now
would you be so kind to drive around town
I want one last look before I take my bow

I can see the old bar where I met my wife
together we'd spend a wonderful life
I catch a glimpse of the old ruined shop
where we'd sit in the doorway and wait for the rain to stop

so draw the curtains shut, put out the lights
I'm happy there's finally an end to this fight
I'm not scared, I'm not in pain
take my hand my love, lets run into the rain
Track Name: Awkward

The way I walk is awkward
The way I stand in front of you, is awkward
The way I talk is awkward
the stupid things I say to you, awkward
I didn't mean to startle you
you were facing away from me,
don't you expect me to hold you, the way it used to be, yeah

I love your fireworks but they frighten me

the way I love is awkward
the way I show it to you, is awkward
the way I move is awkward
the way I shrug my shoulder when I done
I didn't mean to embarrass you
I'm nervous in alpha male way
I'm trying to be the man but you make so much more money than me

I didn't mean to puzzle you with my awkward little ways
I didn't mean it.
Track Name: Hard Working Man
Hard working man.

Tells his boy that he's a hard working man,
says he makes parts for the Ford Transit van
tells his father that he's a hard working man
says he's looking good for his promotion

but he's really working
at the service station
making coffee
for a night shift generation

tells his boy he built his car from scrap
points to the old Ford rusting out the back
tells his father that his life is off track
his father says, 'son there is no shame in that'

he's working down
at the service station
making coffees
for a night shift nation
he's working down
at the service station
making coffee
for a sleepless generation

his father tells him to be proud of his work
that he due a turn of good luck
they raise their glass and turn the ice around
and talk of the day the refinery shut down
Track Name: Looking From The Outside
Looking from the Outside

I wandered along the union canal
the roar of the furnace buried in the land
my hands were torn from the barb
my fleshy feet slapping on slab

I heard my girl was laying me down
saying she was young and had to look around
I fought hard to stay out of trouble
stayed away from the bars and the rabble
Looking from the outside

I recall the time she cried out in her sleep
we're in debt, we're in real deep
so I grabbed my shirt put on a tie
combed my hair and practised my lie
Looking from the outside

I sat at his desk and listened to this boy
telling me what I had to do to get employed
I said, son you ought to live where I'm from
I can't read let alone write this form
Looking from the outside
Track Name: Kelpies

I asked to meet you
I suggest the Kelpies
Here I sit now
sipping on a coffee
I try to hide
my desperation
as you approach
my eyes give it away

like a flock of sparrows
that have taken flight
what did I say
that gave you a fright

alone we sit
under the monuments
its hard to talk with nothing in common now
you shake my hand
place money on the receipt
you turn and walk
you never look back

what did I say that made you fly?
Track Name: What Are You Running From
What Are You Running From?

What are you running from?
And who are you running to?
You run every day to where I don't have a clue

what are you running from?
And who are you running to?
Tried to follow you but I don't have the shoes

frantically search for the car keys
in our well-to-do property
happiness framed in every room
but its not, its not enough for you

what are you running from?
And who are who are you running to?
are you scared? Are you bored? What's haunting you?

What are you running from?
Where are you running to?
I know it's Falkirk, I know we just sleep and commute
Track Name: Static Television
Static Television

I'm a robber, a crook, a common petty criminal
I'm a believer in god, but I'm so bloody cynical
my hearts always been in the right place
but my mind is full of riot and disgrace
you'll see me sometime mother
tell my girl that I love her, I love her

standing, watching, a static television
cable ties and some linen, strength in my position
I'm getting out of here tonight
no judge will stop my flight

been staring out the same window for weeks
the birds line up, pecking order for treats
I've had a lot of time to think
could fit my belongings in a prison sink
I'll send you a letter with love
took a stamp from the noisy lad above
Track Name: I Hate Long Goodbyes
I Hate Long Goodbyes

I'll never say goodbye,
I'll never say farewell,
I'll never stand on the platform,
With the wind fluttering;
I'll never board the plane,
I'll never look back,
down the runway; at the bonnie lass
I'll never close the door; on the idling car
and look at my girl; crying at it all

I'll never look back,
I'll never say goodbye,
I'll never grab my hat,
like Indiana Jones,
I'll never say farewell,
I'll never cry for that,
and when I close the door,
that's enough of that,

I hate long goodbyes